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Our company I AM THE SOUND deals with technical security and production of cultural and musical events, concerts, festivals, sports, dance, corporate and private events.

For this, we use the technology of the world’s leading manufacturers, the Harman Group and others. We do our best to secure the right tools for each event, by which we mean the stage, sound system, lighting, video projection and other technology that will fully meet all expectations.

We have been a social enterprise since our foundation, so we place great emphasis on the social responsibility of the company and we constantly monitor the market in order to always behave as correctly as possible in accordance with the principles of social responsibility.

Our professional team has behind them hundreds and thousands of successful events, concerts, festivals, TV broadcasts, international events and many other events. Therefore, we have a lot of professional experience. And that, in our opinion, is simply the most! It is important what tool I use, but most importantly I need to know how I will use it. And this is exactly what we are about.

The share of persons from disadvantaged groups who have been in the employment office’s records for more than 1 year is more than 30% of the total number of company employees. For 2019, the social enterprise has pledged to reinvest more than 50% of the profit into the development of the social enterprise in the form of purchasing sound and lighting equipment.
The company follows the principles of environmentally friendly business.

Environmental benefit

The enterprise will formulate the principles of environmentally friendly business, which will be publicly available on the website of the social enterprise.

The principles of environmentally friendly business of a social enterprise are based on the definition of sustainable development of society, which reads: “Sustainable development is the development of society that allows meeting the needs of the current generation without reducing the possibilities of future generations to meet their needs.” A social enterprise takes into account the environmental aspects of both production and consumption and strives to fulfill the above objectives in the following ways:

1. It uses environmentally friendly products, namely: – recycled toners, – recycled papers for printing, – recycled toilet paper, – organic products (detergents for equipment and dishes), – energy-saving fluorescent lamps.

2. They sort the waste in the premises of the social enterprise, specifically: – plastic, paper, glass and other mixed waste – it is then thrown into reserved containers.

3. It uses emission-friendly technology with low emissions and electricity consumption (lighting and traffic technology with energy labels A and B and a technical certificate with compliance with the emission limit).

4. He will ensure that environmentally friendly maintenance and service tools are used when maintaining equipment and tools.

5. Prioritize environmentally friendly transport during business trips of the company’s employees.

6. Employees only use black-and-white double-sided printing (printing of documents takes place only in really necessary cases, most documents are not printed, documents are stored in electronic form, communication with clients also takes place electronically).

7. Employees always turn off the computer and all lights or other electronic devices when leaving the workplace in order to save as much energy as possible. 19

We know how to do it and we can do it.

We can sound the following events:

  • Conference
  • Corporate and important balls
  • Family days
  • Car show
  • Opening spaces
  • Gala evenings – VIP events
  • Christmas parties
  • Company anniversary
  • Technical production
  • Organizing weddings



University of Ostrava

Viktor Fischer

„As the event manager of the University of Ostrava, I can say with a clear conscience that these guys can really be relied upon. Great professionalism, quality technology and a great price / quality ratio. This is also the reason why the University of Ostrava has been using the services of Max and his guys for more than 5 years.“

Our clients

Our clients

This is just a part of our satisfied clients.

We are members of the Czech social cluster SINEC

Our team

Our team

Ing. Maxmilian Reichel

“someone has to drive it”

Radim Walter Valášek


Daniel Flašar


Tomáš Hustopecký


Marcel Černocký


Petr Pikoš Ohřál


Michal Gašperik


Ing. Aleš Baran


Jirka Řeha


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